The gorillas are my portrayal of human beings. By looking deeply at human gestures and behaviors I see an uncomplicated, primitive nature that we can all universally relate to. The way I paint gorillas does not just remind us that we are closely related to the primate, but rather how charming our primitive qualities are. Ungroomed and sporting their belly fat, these guys lounge around our spaces embracing the pure simplicity of al naturale.

I have been creating my "Gorillas" for over 4 years and have done murals throughout LA and Philadelphia. Companies I have worked with include Intel, Amplify LA, Evite, Saatchi Art, Google, TOMS and Topo Ranch Clothing. I am a participating artist in LAROA Artflow, a non-profit charitable organization that funds community-based artistic development. They are based in Washington DC, and organize shows throughout the US. I am also a board member of the Arts Committee of the Venice Neighborhood Council.