Over the past few years I have been involved with web design but to be honest I always found it quite boring. It’s a great skill to have but now with WordPress websites and other builders I’m not sure web-design is really all that necessary. It certainly isn’t worth spending a huge amount on a website when a free one can often do just as well.

Why would I want to work with clients when many of my clients simply run successful online businesses where they sell a product or service and don’t have to constantly pander to a client?

That was my opinion anyway which is why I’ve started to blog. I will be blogging on the topic of making money online, documenting my journey and hopefully sharing the successes along the way.

I want to thank Mark from No BS IM Reviews for his help in getting me started on this track to earning via blogging and affiliate marketing. He’s introduced me to some wonderful resources and mentors.

I am still doing some design work and article writing for clients while I make this transition but I’m confident that in the next 6-12 months through hard work, dedication and the use of mentors I can be successful.

My resources for success are as follows:

  • No BS IM Reviews – 1 on 1 mentorship from Mark who has introduced me to affiliate marketing as a way of generating an income online. I discovered is blog after reading one of the many reviews exposing scams and decided to send him an email. Not expecting a response he got back to me and shared his best tips and I am very thankful for that. I decided to join his no.1 recommendation for making money which is a training program on his blog.
  • Alex Becker – I was recommended to watch his YouTube videos as he has actionable content on making money with SEO, Facebook Ads, webinars and more. I will be looking to get into webinar marketing. Alex is a tech entrepreneur who makes millions a month.
  • Goal Cast – Being motivated to work hard doesn’t always come easy. Some days you get out of bed and just don’t want to do anything. Goalcast is a YouTube channel and Facebook page that shares some of the best motivational videos I have ever seen. They are amazing in my honest opinion and highly recommended.

I have other resources but I am not ready or willing to share them yet.

Also this blog is a personal blog for sharing my progress, but it won’t be actually detailing my every move. The fact is that I will be working on a number of projects all streamlined around affiliate marketing.

This blog will share my progress, plus if I have the odd cool tip to share I will be posting. So look out for new blogs and maybe subscribe if you can. I’m not 100% sure about the subscription model yet for email but I’m working it out.

Check out my other posts coming soon, thanks!